Saturate Audio | Artsever – Oblivion / Picturesque
Progressive House Label, Progressive House records, Deep & Dark Progressive
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Artsever – Oblivion / Picturesque

The very talented Artsever from Russia comes next on Saturate Audio’s with the 102nd release. A beauty 2 track EP including “Oblivion” and “Picturesque”. Dreamy progressive house, with fantastic soundscapes, groovy deep basslines, and melancholic melodies. On Saturate Audio, quality comes first, and Artsever’s EP is not an exception.

RELEASE DATE December 11. 2017 (Beatport),
December 25. 2017 (Other stores)


SUPPORTED BY Basil O’Glue, Gai Barone, Fernando Ferreyra, Danilo Ercole, Gordey Tsukanov, Hexlogic, Holbrook, Nifra, Praveen Achary, Raavn, Rick Valentine, Ruben De Ronde, Serge Landar, Styller,  Soulwerk


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