Saturate Audio | Sensetive5 & Gordey Tsukanov – Signals
Progressive House Label, Progressive House records, Deep & Dark Progressive
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Sensetive5 & Gordey Tsukanov – Signals

Original Mix / Solid Stone Remix

RELEASE DATE December 3. 2012 (Beatport 2-weeks exclusive),
December 17. 2012(All other major stores)


SUPPORTED BY Markus Schulz, Aaron Camz, Arcalis, Basil O’Glue, Danilo Ercole, Paul Trainer, Raneem, Snatt & Vix, Styller, Omauha

Saturate Audio 6th story has landed and is about to cause a lot of discussion and positive remarks amongst the trance community. The talented Russian producers Sensetive5 & Gordey Tsukanov deliver their collaborative effort Signals that is supported by the massive deeper remix by the Canadian producer Solid Stone.

The original version is a powerful progressive trancer with tech trance / Big Room trance tendencies. They impress us by composing a huge club banger with main characteristic element the breathtaking tension as they combine eloquently the dark haunting basslines with the dynamic techy cold mechanical beat and the relentless build up of the various exquisite sound layers. The breakdown reveals the XXL “rave style” main distorted synthy riff that is destined to be one of those themes that you will whistle at the end of the night while you drive back home. It has an immediate and fatal impact on the crowd for sure. It’s not the happy euphoric type of synthy riff, it’s rather the dark, sinister and bitter type of melody that works perfectly on big room trance context.

Solid Stone on the other side transforms the rougher original into the blissful Balearic progressive trance track that you can drop at the warm up part of your set. Amazing percussion with tribal beats and deep driving basslines will keep the clubbers dancing with the fantastic rhythm and the great mystical atmosphere while the main synthy lead is played around with electro trance style. Solid Stone knows really well to construct detailed rich sound textures and cinematic soundscapes that travel your mind while your feet are occupied on the dancefloor. Saturate Audio stories will continue soon on a club near you…


(Dimitri Kechagias, Flux BPM)


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