Saturate Audio | Basil O Glue – Depth of Field
Progressive House Label, Progressive House records, Deep & Dark Progressive
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When it comes to deep melodic progressive electronic music Basil O’Glue is considered as one of the most respected producers and DJs with countless releases on top record labels including Armada Music, Black Hole, Coldharbour, Bonzai Progressive to name just a few. His co-owned record label Saturate Audio which he runs along with Styller is considered to be one of the most noteworthy success stories in the progressive trance scene with support from the most important taste makers including Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond and more. The releases of the label have catapulted the Beatport charts with many upcoming talented artists establishing themselves on it. 

Now is the right time for the label boss Basil O’Glue to proudly present his first artist album on Saturate Audio. Eleven magnificent moments of brilliance are included on Depth Of Field which is destined to win the ears of music press, DJs and most important the growing fanbase worldwide plus all the new listeners who will discover in more depth the innovative artist. Eleven truly immersive tracks are coming on Depth Of Field which has a great story to tell. Echoic Memories opens the album with atmospheric ambient intro of echoing voice samples and continue the proceedings with very dark progressive house grooves combined with electronic synthy melodies and various strange cinematic sounds and effects that build the very gloomy sonic scenery. Everyone Has A Story comes next, moody melancholic progressive with sparkling grooves, pumping rolling bassline, dreamy strings, and great satisfying synths in the breakdown perfect to raise hands in the air for a while as he concludes minimal and hypnotic. Astarte characterized from the same hypnotic rhythm and rolling groove with dark melancholic synths, spoken vocal samples and relaxed vibe. On Hoax , Basil O’ Glue applies tribalish grooves along with complex percussion, deep travelling basslines, sharp synthy riffs with entrancing esoteric melodies that work in the subconscious like a treat. There Is Still Hope comes with playful grooves, minimal wobbly percussion and long breakdown where the hopeful synths encourage the listener to believe on a better future while the climax is low profile and continues on the same deep trance infused sequence. The Sun Will Rise Again with deep demanding basslines, danceable grooves, plenty of nice atmospheric sounds and hopeful raising synthy lines that surround your mind with climax that has an epic encouraging positive message to convey as we reach our final destination. Time To Flee contains crunchy percussion, deep kick and smooth bassline while on top various melodramatic sound effects and growing synthy lines are introduced to excite the dancefloor crowds. 

Who Is This has the much more upfront progressive trance direction with funky grooves, driving deep pulsating basslines, warm optimistic melodies and cool spoken vocal samples. It’s one of those tracks that make you dance and trance instantly and it has released already as part of the latest Saturate Audio compilation IMMERSED II. Live For A Second is upfront progressive trance at its best with spanking basslines, thumping grooves and energetic synthy riffs that lead on a very mysterious breakdown where the main hook grows and drives the track to the upfront hopeful climax. For Balthazar Basil O’Glue merges darker with more enlightening sounds to compose the rewarding sonic experience with driving pulsating basslines, dominating aggressive grooves, distorted vocal samples and rising synthy rave like layers that build the action to oblivion and beyond. The journey is near to its end with . Final stop is Gigant , continues on the dark moody pattern with demanding bouncy grooves, driving basslines, distorted spoken vocal samples, suspenseful sound effects and wide variety of synthy plucks that build the tension and keep the listener at the edge of his seat.  

Basil O’Glue does great service to those who still believe in the power of underground progressive as he stays true to the rules of the game and his origins by arranging tracks that can easily involve the listeners by capturing their imagination and moving definitely their bodies on the floor. Without overthinking about music genres Basil O’Glue is brilliant on incorporating influences of progressive trance, house and techno in his own unique Basil O’Glue deep dystopian mature hypnotic smooth progressive sound that you can experience in its entirety on Depth Of Field.


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Dimitri Kechagias

Release date: November 10., 2017

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